Thursday, December 22, 2005

STOP PRESS - Intelligent Design is not evolving! (It's Official)

(Charles Darwin)

Teaching of 'Intelligent Design' is outlawed...

The campaign to try to force schools in America to teach an alternative to Darwinism has suffered a severe setback after a judge ruled that to do so is a violation of the US constitution.

The Judge also said that proponents of the so-called "Intelligent Design" (ID) theory had repeatedly LIED about the religious convictions that drove them.

In a ruling that will reverberate throughout the country, District Judge John Jones ruled the Dover school board in Pennsylvania had been WRONG to ibsist a statement about ID be read to pupils during biology classes. He said the policy represented "BREATHTAKING INANITY".

" The citizens of Dover area were poorly served by the members of the boardwho voted for the ID policy", the judge wrote, following a six week trial. "It is ironic that several of these individuals, who so staunchly & proudly touted thier religious convictions in public, would, time & again, lie to cover up thier tracks & disguise the real purpose behind ID policy".

The ruling is a blow to Christian conservatives who, in more than 30 states, have been pressing for the teaching of Creationism. Many of the members oif the Dover school board which voted for the measure were fundamentalist Christians.

Proponents of Intelligent Design claim life is too complicated to have been created by accident. Opponents say that it is a little-disguised version of Creatonism, which the Supreme Court has previously ruled should not be taught in schools...


Steiner62 21.12.05


Gale Franey said...

Hello Steiner,
Regarding ID, I can see your point of view entirely, especially in Ireland where religious icons abound and stare down ominously with flood lights cast on them at night (like that mother Mary one you recently posted on Flickr). I was tempted to leave a cynical comment, but hesitated, after glancing at the other comments, lavishing praises on the glistening figurine ... Up here in Canada, especially Vancouver, where there are so many immigrants, religious views and philosophies vary depending on what side of the street you happen to be on & in what neighbourhood. For example, on Commercial Drive where people are predominently Italian & Greek, stores are closed on Sundays, but just a few blocks away everything is open & a flurry of secular activity is in high swing. I lived more than 4 years in India some time ago & had an opportunity to see things from Hindu & Moslem & Budhist angles ... all have their merits & all have their shortcomings, as does Christianity ... so I remain 'agnostic' (believe it is impossible to know whether there is a God, our limited human intelligence being a significant barrier) ... hence, I am open to all ideas, both those of true believers of every 'flavour', and also equally respect the views of stalwart athiests. Honour all opinions equally & think the world needs both to remain in balance. My biggest complaint about fundamental religion is that it is so narrow in its thinking, tends to negate about 80% of other human points of view, and all fundamentalists alike, whether Christian or any alternate faith, tend to so harshly judge others & behave as though they have some special claim to heaven. Most conflicts throughout the world are spawned by these intolerent beliefs, both sides think God is on their side, (ie: Palestine/Israel, India/Pakistan re: Kashmir, Serbia/Bosnia, etc. etc., ad nauseum) and when fundamentalists aren't feuding with opponents, they fight among themselves (Catholic/Protestant, Suni/Shia, etc.) It's not the religions I object to, but the narrow thinking that goes along with it. By the way, the comment about 'heaven' I left in your photos was me 'pulling your leg', hope you knew it was said with a wink. Regards to your family, Gale Franey, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Fletch said...

Religion is great, but it's not Science. I'm glad that our judges still know that.