Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Variations on a Chequerboard Melody by Zander Zon : Click this link after you've viewed it to see the original

But watch this first! My camcorder was the missing link it seems...enjoy both blissfully beautiful performances here.


The US Civil War (12/4/1861 - 5/11/2008)

Yesterday "Primary Colors" Author Joe Klein said that the American Civil War started with a battle in Virginia* in 1861& that it finally ended 147 years later (yesterday!) when incredibly, the Sate of Virginia gave it's electoral votes to an African American to take him past that magical 270 Electoral College Vote finishing line & make him the 44th POTUS. I watched his speech live here at 5am, tears welled a number of times, but especially when the TV cameras focussed on Jesse Jackson...what thoughts must have been going through his mind - that his friend Martin Luther King, did NOT after all, die in vain must have been foremost. A man with an Asian upbringing, with an African father, & a white American mother with European roots, he's even got a middle Eastern name. Truly the first Global US President for America & the whole world beyond. We finally have permission, after 8 long bleak years - to start loving the Dream that is America again.

YES HE DID!, (made history & brought us all back hope in our future & faith in the Dream that is America). Overnight I have gone to recoiling whenever I see the Stars & stripes to loving it all over again, & everything it stands for...sure is it not even central to my favourite image of all time?

My kids are "mixed race" too, just like Barack (God I HATE that term "mixed race", but you know what I mean!). So now I can dream about an Irish President one day, called James Ismail Cannon...or maybe even Jemma Ayesha Cannon, (after all we are on our SECOND female President here right now!).