Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Buddah vs Jesus Christ - a Fundamentalist Christian's viewpoint...

What a Load of Shiteology! That guy who invented Buddism around 528 BC, Sid Arthur(or did he just become aware of it?), he got a lot of the answers. Im telling you folks... Posted by Picasa


Qu1zMaster said...

Hi Des I mean Steiner62, Vink here.
Nice work with the blog.
Regarding Intelligent Design, I get a bit of it in work, with the Ulster crowd. Nice people, smart people, but strange beliefs. Maybe we have beliefs that are strange and wrong too, no one sees themselves as being wrong. Hopefully history will judge us kindly.

I'm going to get you "Eats, Shoots and leaves" for christmas. Do you promise you will read it? Or maybe you have it already? If so you have clearly not read it and please do so.

If you want the ultimate in shiteology you better get yourself over to Jack Chick at and in particular his "tracts". Just choosing one at random:
or another one you will love:
Anyway better go, life is hectic at the moment, more later.

Qu1zMaster said...

My screen is knocking the final "p" off those addresses. They both end with ".asp"