Thursday, October 06, 2005

How to fritter away THE SYMPATHY OF AN ENTIRE PLANET by The Bush Administration

There were 14 Saudis & ZERO Iraqis hijackers on 9/11. So George Invades Iraq. Go figure...
Everyone I know here on this side of the Atlantic were horrified & disgusted with that wanton act of Mass Murder by those 19 misguided Zombified Zealots on The 11th of September 2001. All right minded & decent human beings around the World felt the same way, of course. We ALL felt a deep sympathy & empathy for the American People during the days after. Still do. It's just such a Shame that the Government & President your Country voted in (sort of) in 2000 so completely & totally & utterly wasted away all that worldwide well of goodwill by thier subsequent actions. Even students in Iran of all places held spontaneous demonstrations against the hijackers & in solidarity with the ordinary people of America. Iran!!! What an opportunity for detente just wasted. Pissed away into the wind by George Dubya et al.
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