Friday, October 07, 2005

This is a map of Greater Dublin...

I live in Wicklow County, just South of Dublin County, y'all. I think anyone who grew up in Dublin or North Wicklow for that matter, COMPLETELY takes for granted what a Beautiful Place it is to live. How many European or World Capital Cities can claim to have a number of huge sandy strands just a few minutes drive from it's city centre? (Dollymount & Sandymount Strands). Or a big Tombolo just across the Bay (Howth Head). Or be ringed by Picturesque Mountains (OK so technically they are Hills, but they look like Mountains!). All this, & the best Pubs in the Observable Universe... In my opinion any Dubliners or North Wicklowers who emmigrated to another Country (I never got further than London for five years), & then returned home, can only then fully appreciate what a lovely place it is to live in (OK so the traffic jams can be bad at times & our infrastructure is still at least 10 years, no 15 years behind most of Europe, but we are catching up fast). Hee hee. You can't put a value on a Beautiful Bay & Mountains in the distance though, can you? We've always had that around here. Except when it was under a mile high Ice Sheet Glacier thing. Look, allow me the gloat, we've being waiting for over 800 years to. Bloody English. Only joking, sure, I like them so much I married one. Posted by Picasa

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