Friday, October 07, 2005

My definition of Shiteology (with apologies to B.Behan RIP) : Anything someone says or does that gives you a gut feeling that it's

  • false
  • wrong
  • stupid
  • fascistic
  • ignorant
  • atavistic
  • intolerant
  • prejudiced
  • mean spirited
  • gratuitously cruel
  • religiously fundamental
  • unscientific (eg.INTELLIGENT DESIGN, so incredibly dumb it inspired this blog's name!
  • Anything coming out of George Dubya's top oriface (on Fox News right now probably) also qualifies for this list by default. Well it goe's without saying that I am OBVIOUSLY a pinko, faggot, commie subversive to display such a negative attitude towards that man in the Whitehouse. The POTUS who loves playing golf & chopping down trees on his Ranch. The Texan Millionaire who did FECK ALL with his Silver Spooned life until he turned 40! Yet he still managed to become a (failed) oil Tycoon & State Guvnor of Texas, with no nepotism or family string pulling or financial help at all. A real self made Man. Yessir! The man who said (& I quote) "when I was young & irresponsible, I was young & irresponsible". So now he's Older & more irresponsible than he could POSSIBLY have been when he was getting high & drink driving all those years ago. The world was a much safer place all round when he was wasted behind the wheel of his Chevvy. He could only put a few pedestrians at risk then. Now it run's into the millions. When he's not on vacation of course George is busy putting an end to "Terror". We MUST STOP THE TERROR. I am appealing to all Nations to STOP THE TERROR! Now watch this Intelligently Designed blog...


Nupur said...

so you hate spam commeters ha there u get...more of me now...though ur page was fun..but i guess mine is much better.

Steiner62 said...

Hey Napur.....thanks a lot for leaving a comment.I tried to view your blog but was unable to connect. So at least ONE person in India knows I exist! Cool. Take care.


FugueStateKnits said...

Hey, what country are you from? I really enjoy your blog - and the definition of shiteology, although as a pinko amurrikan myself, I'd probably pronounce it "Shitty - ology"....

FugueStateKnits said...

Please 'scuse my stupidity - i see you're from what my family would call the ould country!

Anonymous said...

No disrespect to your late friend, but I don't believe he coined the term "shiteology". It is in widespread use, and I think Brendan Behan used it in the 1950s.

Steiner62 said...

Eh, I think ure absolutely right actually, it doe's sound VERY B.Behan!. I suppose BECAUSE my friend used it so much (& was the only one that did)I erroneously subscribed it to him! I'll adjust text accordingly...

Ta Anon